Sparkly Domestic Divas

Sparkly Domestic Divas is a domestic service provider that serves domestic work from houses to houses and commercial buildings around Brunei Darussalam

Est. on 20th June 2016

Founded by a local woman entrepreneur whose company is registered under the Registrar of Companies on 20th June 2016.


At Sparkly Domestic Divas, she has built up a group of women professionals, emphasizing the importance of clean environment - thus her Divas are all trained and responsible to vacuum, dusting and tidying endless corners for the customers to be able to keep their daily core tasks at hand with ease.


Sparkly Domestic Divas was founded under the principle of warmth, friendly and efficient services. The Divas know how to get the job efficiently and often exceeds the expectation of their clients. Occassionally, the Divas are given the task of looking after children at the customer’s houses.

100% Bruneians

The Diva teams are 100% local Bruneians whom some are actually single mothers, school drop outs and less fortunate. Furthermore, the company itself only employs local women; hence the term ‘Divas’ are given to them to acknowledge more of their courage, confidence and strength.

"Your Trusted Domestic Service Provider"

Santy Allim
Founder of Sparkly Domestic Divas